Kidz Academy

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The mission of KIDZ ACADEMY is to provide quality early childhood care for the parents of Hillsboro. Our program is designed to meet the needs of all children including those with disabilities. Our main goal is to bring a home daycare setting to a large center that way the parents and their children feel they have a home away from home.

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KIDZ Academy provides Safe and Quality Childcare Services for ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our mission is to provide a nurturing classroom environment for all ages in our early child education program.  We are committed to meeting the needs of all children in our care, including those with disabilities. Our center strives to be a home away from home for our kiddos. This fosters both parent and child feeling comfortable and safe while growing and learning with us.

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Educational childcare is a major attribute we promote within our facility; the development and education of Hillsboro’s children is our top concern. Our trained staff is dedicated in creating an engaging classroom atmosphere that promotes sharing, listening and healthy communication skills. We understand that there are a variety of sprouting personalities and we continually strive to harness positive interaction for future success.

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Your child will participate in age-appropriate activities that will develop their cognitive, social, emotional and physical abilities. We stay up-to-date with state regulations by keeping our rooms sanitized to ensure proper cleanliness. We maintain strict parent pick-up guidelines to preserve your child’s safety while in our care. Our staff is CPR and First Aid certified and receives training every quarter to keep their skills current.

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