Infant Class Overview

6 weeks to 12 months
  • Our Infant room serves children from 6 weeks to 12 months in a small, warm, and welcoming environment. The Infant Teacher follows the child and parent set schedule for each individual baby and gives plenty of one-on-one attention in a 1 to 4 teacher to child ratio.
  • Our Program

    • Age Group:
      6 weeks to 12 months
    • Class Size:
      10 children, 2 teachers
    • Teacher(s):

    Our Rates

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    • 4 Days a Week:
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  • Intimate Setting for Your Most Precious Little One

    At Kidz Academy we believe that no child is too young to begin exploring and learning about the world around them.  All of the babies in our Infant room set and follow their own unique schedules each day—sleeping, eating, and playing on-demand—while also being led in language, social-emotional, art, math, science, physical, and diverse activities by our Lead Infant Teacher. 

    Our infants enjoy activities based on each of their physical abilities, such as playing in and out of boxes, finger painting with sensory bags, crawling towards classroom objects, etc.  Every week our Infant Teacher plans sensory, language, art, fine motor, and gross motor activities based on each child’s individual physical goals and milestones to help them grow mentally, emotionally, and academically.

    The teacher to child ratio for this age group is 1 to 5 and our Infant room is licensed for a total of twelve babies.  We believe this small group leads to an intimate setting, where the teacher knows each baby’s individual schedule and needs, and can best provide the care and attention babies want and need.

  • What to Bring From Home?

    If I am an Infant, I will need to bring some things from home to make my day comfortable and soothing! I will need:
    • Milk/Food

      Please make sure I have enough milk/formula/food to last me an entire day! (Plus plenty of empty, sanitized, labeled bottles if I have frozen milk or will be having formula provided by the school).

    • Bedding

      A fitted crib sheet and a blanket or sleep sack (blankets are not recommended).

    • Extra Clothing

      Lots of extra weather-appropriate clothes. I am unpredictable and may get messy!

    • Soothers

      Binkies/Pacifiers, teething rings, etc. (if I use them).

    • Diapering Supplies

      Diapers, wipes, diaper cream (if I use it), etc. (If cloth diapers are used, please provide a sealable bag for soiled diapers).

    • Bibs

      If I am a drooler or a spit-upper I may need these!

    • “It’s the greatest feeling when your child can’t wait to go to daycare. When they call their teachers their best friends and when you know those teachers love your baby almost as much as you. I know my baby is safe, loved, and learning more everyday. From the facility, learning curriculum, multiple extra activities, fun crafts, and the staff I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.” A

      --Bethany H.
    • “The team at Kidz Academy are awesome. They are compassionate, attentive, and friendly. They made me feel comfortable, safe, and my daughter LOVES it there! When she started Kinder this past fall, I feel like she was well-prepared and even ahead of the game. Her KA teachers did a great job in setting her up for success.”

      --Jamie K.
    • “My son is 3 yrs old and has been at Kidz Academy since he was 6 months old. The kids are always doing fun projects/activities and constantly learning new things. I can’t imagine having anyone else watch my son. I always know he’s in good hands at Kid Academy with their amazing staff.”

      --Kamae S.
    • “I could never say enough good things about Kidz Academy, we moved our daughter here 1.5 years ago after being in home until she was 4. She adores Kidz Academy so much that now that she’s in Kinder she asks when she gets to go back to KA for a whole day because she misses it. The teachers are the perfect amount of professional and nurturing and we’ve become so close with many of the teachers. This was hands down the best decision we’d made.”

      --Chastidy M.
    • “My son loves going here! I’m a first time mom, so when it came time for me to go back to work, I was very nervous about leaving him anywhere I wasn’t! The whole staff was amazing in helping me feel at ease! They sent me updates and pictures about his day! I never worry about him when he’s there now! I know he’s in good hands!”

      --Amanda B.
    • “I have been bringing my 4 year old son here since October and he absolutely loves it! He is learning his alphabet and numbers, the days and months of the year and all the seasons. Kidz is AMAZING! He loves all his teachers and I love that the building is always CLEAN and the teachers are very nice to the parents. Definitely would recommend to family and friends.”

      --Jennifer S.
  • Questions and Answers
    What does the school supply and what do I need to bring?

    Parents are asked to bring diapers, wipes, bedding, breast milk if applicable, labeled bottles, and extra clothing. Pacifiers or other soothers can be brought for children who use them. Kidz Academy supplies snacks and lunch once children are eating solid foods.

    How do I know what my infant has done during the day?

    Kidz Academy now uses an app called Kid Reports through which a daily report is sent home every night, outlining every meal the child was fed, when and what type of diaper changes occurred, when and for how long they slept, and any other important notes from their day. Pictures and important messages are uploaded by the class teacher and parents are able to check in on the app live throughout the day.

    Parents are also encouraged to call and check in on their little ones as often as they wish, and if Media Consent is given, will have pictures of their child’s activities posted on the Kidz Academy Facebook page.

    What schedule does the Infant Room follow?

    At Kidz Academy we know that each individual baby is going to be on their own schedule. The Lead Infant Teacher works with parents to understand their child’s schedule and adjusts her daily activities accordingly so that each child may eat, sleep, and play on an on-demand basis.

    What qualifications do the Infant Teachers have?

    All of the teachers at Kidz Academy are CPR and First Aid certified, with years of experience and training in the early childhood education field. We have one main teacher in our Infant room who is with our babies the majority of the day and knows their schedules intimately. If the Lead Teacher is out for the day or on her lunch, we have one or two teachers who will step in for her–we limit the number of teachers who go in and out of our Infant Room to ensure each baby’s comfort level and consistency.

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