Curriculum Overview

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At Kidz Academy we follow a teacher-directed educational curriculum based on the Creative Curriculum lesson plan system.  Each month teachers make new lesson plans based around a center-wide chosen theme.  (For example, in September our monthly theme is All About Me as each teacher gets to know the children moving into their class!).  Parents receive a copy of their child’s month at a glance lesson plan at the beginning of each month, as well as being able to view the weekly and daily curriculum on the parent board outside of each classroom.  Each of our classrooms incorporates the following academic areas into their weekly and daily teaching plans.

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Areas of Learning

Language and Literacy-

From Infants to PreK, teachers read multiple times a day to the children in their class.  We believe that instilling a love of reading also instills a love of learning and leads to future academic and social success for children.


We believe one of the most important skills children can learn at the preschool stage is how to handle big emotions and interact with peers. Not only does this education set them up for success when they eventually go on to elementary school, but also sets a foundation for how they will interact with others throughout their lives.

Art and Creative Expression-

Even as early as infancy, children have a natural creative side waiting to be expressed.  Each classroom’s daily curriculum is designed to bring out the exceptional artist in every child, to let them express their unique personalities in different mediums, forms, and styles.

Math and Manipulatives-

Starting in our Toddler class we begin to introduce basic math concepts such as counting, shapes, and numbers.  As children advance from class to class the level of skills introduced advances as well, with our Preschoolers learning about concepts such as less and more, and our PreK students working on basic addition and subtraction.

Music is used to introduce daily routines such as a clean-up song or a lunchtime song. Music is shared with others in singing, dancing, and playing instruments together and by its very nature a social experience. Music helps build social and emotional skills and helps in self-regulation. Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. Most important, sharing music experiences with the people they love makes very young children feel cherished and important.

Science and Sensory-

At Kidz Academy we believe that science is all around us, from the air we breathe to the physics that make our toy cars go.  Each class incorporates science experiments and sensory activities into their weekly activities, from exploding volcanoes to paint mixing sensory bags.  We believe that hands-on learning is the best learning!

World-original-holding hands2

Every class at Kidz Academy from Toddlers up to After School spends 30 minutes in the morning and the afternoon playing outside (weather permitting).  We have two separate playgrounds—a smaller playground with a short play structure for our Toddlers and Two-Year-Olds and a larger playground with two play structures for Preschool on up.  In addition, each class from Two’s to After School gets half an hour of dance class once a week at the dance studio in the parking lot adjacent to the school.


Kidz Academy prides itself on representing and teaching children about all people throughout the world, celebrating each race, culture, gender, ability, and religion.  We believe that in order to understand ourselves, we first need to understand and appreciate everyone around us, and there is no age that is too young to begin learning this important life lesson.

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