Curriculum by Age

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At Kidz Academy we believe that no child is too young to begin exploring and learning about the world around them.  All of the babies in our Infant room set and follow their own unique schedules each day—sleeping, eating, and playing on-demand—while also being led in language, social-emotional, art, math, science, physical, and diverse activities by our Lead Infant Teacher.


Our infants enjoy activities based on each of their physical abilities, such as playing in and out of boxes, finger painting with sensory bags, crawling towards classroom objects, etc.  Every week our Infant Teacher plans sensory, language, art, fine motor, and gross motor activities based on each child’s individual physical goals and milestones to help them grow mentally, emotionally, and academically.


The teacher to child ratio for this age group is 1 to 4 and our Infant room is licensed for a total of four babies.  We believe this small group leads to an intimate setting, where the teacher knows each baby’s individual schedule and needs, and can best provide the care and attention babies want and need.

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The Toddler classroom is an important stepping stone between children being dependent babies and becoming independent two-year-olds.  Our babies move from the Infant room to the Toddler room around their first birthday when they are walking, no longer on a bottle, and can take one set nap a day.  Toddlers begin to show their independence as they go from sleeping in cribs to sleeping on mats, from drinking bottles and eating baby food to eating school-provided lunch and snacks, and following the more structured Toddler daily schedule.


In addition to the early concepts our babies were learning in the Infant room, our Toddlers also begin exploring math concepts such as shapes, numbers, and counting, doing more hands-on sensory and science experiments, and creating more child-driven art projects.  Our Toddlers are always very excited to experience outside play time in this classroom on our smaller playground, in addition to having music class once a week with our music teacher, Miss Mikela!


The teacher to child ratio for this age group is also 1 to 4, however our Toddler room is licensed to have up to eight children at any time, with two teachers.  The larger amount of children allowed in this room helps ease our Toddlers into the eventual transition into our two-year-old class, where the ratio changes to 1 to 5 and we are licensed to have up to 10 children in one room.

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The Two’s class is a mixture of exploring who we are, testing boundaries, learning rules and how to interact with peers, and turning into independent Preschoolers.  While hands-on art, science, and manipulatives (such as cutting, stacking, sorting, etc.) are stressed in this age group, we at Kidz Academy feel that the most important thing taught in our Two’s room is social and emotional growth.  We are also working extensively on potty-training at this age, when children show they are ready.


In our two-year-old class the teacher to child ratio goes up to 1 to 5, with our Two’s class usually having two teachers and ten students.  The daily schedule in this class is very similar to both our Toddler class, and the following Preschool class.  In addition to the outside play and music class the Toddlers participate in, the two-year-old’s also go to dance class once a week, at the studio around the corner from the center.


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For children ages three and four, we begin to offer a more structured daily schedule and curriculum in our Preschool classroom. In this age group we are working on letter and number recognition, following directions, sitting for group circle time, and self-directing activities. While all of the children in this classroom are potty-trained, we know that they will need reminders to use the bathroom frequently. Accidents happen and children will not be made to feel bad if they have an accident (it is especially common for this age group to have accidents at nap time). The children will all be asked to try to go potty before going outside and before nap.

The Preschool room is another important transition room, as the teacher to child ratio goes up once again, this time to 1 to 10. The daily schedule incorporates more structured teacher directed activities in this age group, as our Preschoolers work on writing, letter recognition, and other important skills that will be fostered in the PreK room before children make their way to Kindergarten.


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As children move out of our Preschool program at age four, we begin preparing them for Kindergarten by increasing our focus on academics.  Teachers work in small groups with children in our PreK class to teach children the fundamentals needed for a successful kindergarten year.  By the time children graduate from this classroom they can write their names along with most, or all of their letters, recognize several sight words, and have gained the social and emotional developmental skills they need to succeed in the elementary school system.


At Kidz Academy we pride ourselves on preparing all of our children to put their best foot forward wherever they may go to continue their education process.


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In our After School and Summer Care programs, our school age children spend time with friends while enjoying activities that are relevant to school-age interests. We help children think, feel, and experience new challenges.  In our programs, school-age children will continue to develop complex social and communication skills, engage with peers, and practice group study. We have teachers available to help students during homework time as well as engaging them in activities designed to help them continue learning and unwind from the day. They will begin to express their goals and wishes as they seek self-identity and explore interests and behaviors in an age-appropriate way.

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